Paintings On The Wall

by Local Healers & Louis Cypher

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Renaissance 03:30
RENAISSANCE LYRICS [HOOK] What happens when there's no paintings on the walls Form over function then everything falls A Gallery of classics will they even sell at all... What's its worth? auctioning your soul [CHORUS] What's it worth? Auctioning your soul X3 Is the price too high, is the price too low [NAY] Ayo I'm just an artist going thru hardships My paints clear to see upon the wall and you cant miss, Yeah I've put in pride in my work since I started, My ink cartridge it stays hitting the target Like a sicker Archer-ist, My product gets the Loco stamp before it hits the market A rocky road my seatbelt strapped up just in case that the car flips I'm not a makeup artist musical my vinyl's shiny sprayed n varnished Critics wanna talk until my name is tarnished [TY] Like a defaced Mona Lisa in a broken frame The red velvet rope gets singed in the open flames [LOUIS] I blackout like Caravaggio on his darkest days Golden bars while I'm sat smoking the purple haze Were the renaissance in response to the loss of faith The price of pigment…. or the cost of paint [TY] I'm dark, I'm tar, nah fuck it I'm noir Je ne sais quoi the value is then its au revoir [NAY] Hasta la vista see u later amigo I'm painting pictures like I'm Marcus Rodrigo, they ain't appreciating, the price of livings high, but this arts depreciating, Local Healers, we got fans ima keep em waiting [TY] With the cypher to decipher the deceiving the ways Like DaSafo I'm just watching how the truth sways Parliament, cant par with dem Little Britain trippin' hows little Derek doing Ok [LOUIS] We’re the usual suspects like Keyser Söze Drinking the Smirnoff mixed up with the OJ Murder without a trace no DNA on the gloves Shouts out to 4i2i and Stowaway [NAY] If you ain't messing with the real you can go away Nowadays its strange antiques getting thrown away [LOUIS] I’ll dash Claris Cliff off a cliff I’m not old I’m Vintage but life’s still a shower of shit [TY] Watch it rain, down the drain, like an itsy-bitsy spider I’m just caught up in a web of lies, my internet provider Got me reading these, conspiracies, sipping on the cider All these theories, I’m like J…Robert Oppenheimer And the energy flows through me, I’m the copper wire Faster than an auctioneer, is there a proper buyer Going once, going twice, sold from a top supplier But it's sad, cus it's only worth more once you die, uh [HOOK] What happens when there's no paintings on the walls Form over function then everything falls A Gallery of classics will they even sell at all... What's its worth? auctioning your soul [CHORUS] What's it worth? Auctioning your soul X3 Is the price too high, is the price too low
Neva Left 03:31
NEVER LEFT LYRICS [HOOK] Ayo I'm back up In this bitch just like I never left X3 Yo its like we never left we back [LOUIS] Back in the room getting boujee in Bruges Sleep's the cousin of death, so we’re never gunna press snooze There’s a million ways to die every way you loose So save me twos of that zoot... This is only one of two times you’ll see me dressed in a zoot suit And one them is when I’m, practising voodoo That’s how my crew moves tighter than most Demigod or more..either way, we’re still ghost Lost in the whispers of the smoke We remain in translation by our definition of dope! We’re the G.O.A.T.’s that were never even chose Rockin’ Baphomet's head sat upon our thrones Carved from our enemies bones, getting stoned While I throw a mother fucking, b-boy pose society implodes That's how it goes So we’re back up in this bitch L Cypher, Faux Sala in case you didn’t know, yo! [HOOK X2] Ayo I'm back up In this bitch just like I never left X3 Never left, never left yo [NAY] You know who it is you ain't gotta guess who’s back Fist up, I'm proud, ahh yes I’m black Yo I took it back to basics I started off with A and the B Abandoned boat then absconded at sea I wish…still stuck in a piss poor society Scraping from the bottom they wish for notoriety I’m still keeping god beside of me The angels know I’m fly as he I’m lighting up my spliff I’m going higher G Metaphorically I’m into the clouds Come back and then I stage dive into the crowd Haven’t seen my boy J in like 3 years it's all good We're catching up over 3 beers its all hood So shout out to the peeps that never doubt me All the way to Belgium we travelled from Notts county I’m a star player Nay so there's no game without me And if I ever leave il come back and il be… [HOOK] Ayo I'm back up In this bitch just like I never left X3 Never left, never left yo [TY] Onyx told us that where we're living in our last days So throw ya guns in the air in a mad rage Whats mines is mine & what's yours is mine Fuck the pork the swine Pricks, porcupine, uh Ty Healy yo I walk the awkward line, between Being spiritual healer, the Peacekeeper A safe teacher with a great demeanour Or fuming like Akuma, the raging demon But I got big balls word to the prayer beads Died 1000 deaths in 10 lifetimes at least But now I'm back on earths surface with a purpose To Swear on everything I write like I wrote it in cursive My brain is a UFC cage by design yeah And the pain - is real as Adesanya Kingdom fall and the Dynasties die But best believe I will come back one more time just like… [HOOK] Ayo I'm back up In this bitch just like I never left X3 Never left, never left yo
PAVEMENT CRACKS LYRICS [TY] I take a slow stroll down the old cobbled road I cop a Kopparberg, cop a burger then I cop off with a bird, cah I quite liked her actually In the dive bar feeling like I drowned at sea Catch me in the smoker section no cigarette I came out for some fresh air that I do regret yeah Use my light but dont pocket that shit I use it for the candles back at the crib It's not bitches in the living room getting in on Till 6 in morning everyone's still chatting shit So I drink and then think of some random things How many turtles got their necks caught in 6 pack rings? The weeds brown like recycling bins And this towns got the slightest little ting Of despair in the air But I got a tab on the bar pull up lend an ear [HOOK X2] We take two steps forward and one step back Stepping over dreams in the pavement cracks Searching for the answer in the bottom of a bottle When you can’t find it who’s to blame for that? [NAY] I got my new crepps Ima two-step it out one step back Nay loc, I’m too hot get back When you see me with VC, we’re fly as sheezy If you don't believe me ask Ty Healy, dreadlocks black Summertime, Chillin with Mascoto barefoot wine Lost my flip-flops barefoot time Lost my hat in the sea, whys it happen to me And why you silly motherfuckers even chattin’ to me It's like I’m tryna be on Mars but it’s Saturn I see Without a way of getting back to the earth I should have packed me a hearse Guess I’ll write a couple tracks and rehearse I know the hook but I might struggle rapping the verse You know or maybe you don't, maybe you do Look at what these Guinnesses are making me do Maybe it’s the bright city lights that's making me blue It may be Covid-19 or it may be the flu [HOOK X2] We take two steps forward and one step back Stepping over dreams in the pavement cracks Searching for the answer in the bottom of a bottle When you can’t find it who’s to blame for that? [LOUIS] Put a podcast on, run a bath and pour the wine Light the candles up, it’s time to relax my mind I’m the kind of guy that gets decadent with it You can feel the ambience in every single lyric But I’m also the kind of guy that had to call an ambulance At the end of the night cus someone’s too high I’ve lived both lives, flipped the coin and seen both sides Partied in penthouses and raved onsite Perforated my eardrum and named myself Cypher Sore eyes Maybe it was a poor price to pay But how you supposed to qualify your own life If you’re too afraid to live your life anyway? [HOOK X2] We take two steps forward and one step back Stepping over dreams in the pavement cracks Searching for the answer in the bottom of a bottle When you can’t find it who’s to blame for that?
WATER FOR FLOWERS LYRICS [LOUIS] I've always tried to head towards the light like plants and phototaxis Moving forwards never backwards Its become my art form, my practice and my praxis Attracting good vibes as the planet spins on its axis Will we all actualise? I doubt it. Just always try and bring your best vibes no doubt about it Surely that’s the meaning of life What's the point of regrets if there is no option to ever rewind Learn from your mistakes… persevere whatever it takes You don’t need to play it safe just play it clever And face your demons in whatever forms they take And have faith no matter how low you feel it gets better I’ve been at the zenith and the nadir But when the pen hits it cleanses all my senses and I'm back here Back in the room now pass me some shrooms Never really learnt from my mistakes but maybe someday soon [HOOK] Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, why was I Such a ___back then? [CHORUS] Iv grown, I seen the light like… photosynthesis X3 Yeah, the air is nice and I’m flowing like water [VERSE] This an open a letter for the doors I shut behind me It's For closer the foreclosure did remind me That I been building up like a skyscraper My boys are scaffolding, support bring balance when I needed walking off ledge yeah my minds made up I'm so glad that me and mum finally made up Cus I was drowning in debt and the lying about it Not paying her rent but then buying an outfit Just to flex to get sex to prove I'm over my ex And I was but even still my life was a mess Bad mental health was a temporal hell I'm Good now It's not that easy for everyone else I recommend buy some plants put on your shelves Every time you water them you look after yourself It takes time effort sunshine for better, days Open up flower bud you be amazed [HOOK] Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why, why was I Such a ___back then? [CHORUS] Iv grown, I seen the light like… photosynthesis X3 Yeah, the air is nice and I’m flowing like water [NAY] Ayo I'm voss water outta the drain pipe you know what Nay's like Getting drunk and high in the same night I was a yungen drinking on Snakebite You'd always see me rolling never riding the same bike, We rode into the sunset until it was daylight We'd sell you shit and rob it back we tryna get paid twice Sometimes we played dice with our life But the shit didn't break right, Now pieces of my heart left colder than shaved Ice My aunty died it reduced me to Sea melt, My mum's sis I never comprehended how she felt Life had me feeling insecure like a kid without a seatbelt Acting like I'm fine but I needed help Ashamed of things that I did back then, Oh why, why was I such a ___ back then Now I've grown yo from a killer bee in a jungle, To a young who's keeping it humble…I’m on point
ANTI-GRAVITY SUIT LYRICS [NAY] Can we survive maybe thrive on another planet? Another world, yeah you’re watching three brothers plan it Cus this world is too bloody manic It’s full of savages so Ty close the hatch and don't fucking panic The rockets ready and I'm happy to shoot Strap up my boots and the flyest Anti-gravity suit We made a mess of our planet, we abandoning ours Spend a couple grand on stars before landing on Mars Up in space, green aliens are banged behind bars No drinking Pepsi out a can or drinking jam from the jar, rah! Burn fossil fuels leaving our mark On the park, two men in black flee from the narks, gone I bid the earth farewell Yeah I'm hoping for heaven but preparing for hell Before I fly through the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere No birds are near, spaceman word I’m here [LOUIS] From the far side of the moon, I look back at the planet And the way its being ravaged by man in a panic Capitalist fanatics with that tragic ideology Astronomical bars make no sense like astrology Now our future's written into the stars Evicted from the earth by the economy for what ever it's worth Hope we find ice sheets on mars And it doesn’t turn out to be tomb world just like ours Welcome to the expanse, the virus of man Bringing democracy on whatever planet he happens to land Dropping freedom bombs created our own vision Call it panopticon Escape the prison we created to live in See you laters getting high off the spaceship vapours Call me 'king sighs’ I’m fed up, what's in the papers? How long can we be patient? Our planets amazing but the human race is gwarnin like Satan [TY] I used to play Galaga in the arcade Wishing I could be a spaceman one day In the future which is now which is wow... I wonder how many aliens have seen earth but turned around No proven encounters I guess it’s not worth their trouble They ain’t landed they don’t wanna know us on a surface level So we’re Alone is cosmos like no one else exists I'll fly the mothership to find distant relatives I’m off to space it’s not safe here Staring doom in face, Victor Vaughn in the mirror, yeah Ima start an intergalactical blog Documenting my travels this the captain's log My heart nearly stopped getting shot by the pulse phaser I think they clocked our destructive nature But it's back to reality staring in the void Blank screen, game over, please insert another coin
Guru 03:05
GURU LYRICS [NAY] Ayo I'm reminiscing back in the day we throwing gogos Slammers on the pogs and sleepers on neon yo-yos Way B4 dis Loc dog menace or Nay Loco Now u can take a photo of Nay and his mafioso,I got, Hella styles and P, I aint d ghost though Watch me resurrect from the dead, there's no YOLO Bro u no I love you 2 death but no homo Little piggies ready 4 slaughter I hate popo,ha, The cops wouldn't be racist if they were Robo, Ain't no flies on me, at Lake Como Then we hit Sardinia and Spain, no rain like Ciao 2 Giuseppe n ola senior Manolo… And we bringing back, fire by the boatload I stay in power of my empire Like I'm Lobos You.. no solos, albums with no promos, You're weak and my team will turn you rappers into Dodos [TY] All the best rapper die but I'm still Alive Woohoo I think a lot of gang stars need a guru If ya guns go pew pew then why you on youtube Big man you aint shit, you just a little boys poo-poo You need to clean ya clock it seems a little cuckoo You didn't choose the streets, right? Nah the streets choose you Grow up that's not the true you Ya acting like ya never had Thomas Tank engine that went Choo Choo I hate that lump in your throat when you get the new news Ya need a bouquet for a new grave boohoo Too young, too many funerals too soon Fuck a black one I want a blue suit and new shoes Tryna stay positive, only get a few views Viral is a disease…who knew I still push the black magic herbal Zulu Like Jimi Hendrix just a child of voodoo [LOUIS] As the music moves you Lou Cypher, not Saha Avant-Garde like those artists that went duh duh Pack a liver full like I’m drunk, munching Foigois Dining out in Liverpool and garmed out in Carhartt Get let off Scott Lee, like my labels ‘Blah’ Start to cut you in half like a magician..ta dah Now I’m bouncing out the kitchen we’re leaving turrah It’s Cypher, Local Healers bringing the best bars Ta Raas What's better than nothing… Nada Getting existential like I’m chilling with Jean Paul Sartre Have you seen anything darker than the media that’s produced by that dick What's his name, Paul Darce? I’ve done my research like I’m Nardwuar, Ah ha Like Alan Partridge, you’re gunna get parred hard Faux Sala, Lou Cypher trained in the dark arts Cypher’s in the car park, Healers make the car start
Let Go 05:11
LET GO LYRICS [HOOK X2] Sometimes you gotta just X3 Learn to let go [TY] It’s one of the hardest things you have to do in life Like admitting when your wrong when your opinion is strong There's point 1% chance in like 99.99 999999999 you get it? Someone call the emergency line In fact no don't police kill blacks half the time They say I over exaggerate, "it’s only like that in the states" You don't see my hurdles I'm running a different race Now I cannot tell a lie, I've got a lot of allies And They brighten up these dark roads like cats eyes So I channel my anger, crystals for my Chakras Deep breaths, meditate, I'm still a Son of Saka- Noue, won’t be around for many more days I'm bout to set sail and go away Bon-voyage But don't trip I'm gunna reflect on my trip See my face in the water turn to ripples cus of fish (swimming) [HOOK X4] Sometimes you gotta just X3 Learn to let go [LOUIS] Have you ever looked into a narcissist’s life? And seen their whole personality disappear before your eyes? As you pull apart the thread that ties together all their lies Thread by thread until you find that there’s nothing left And yet you find you still had to try You need to let it go yo! This is toxic as dog shit You’ll never win stuck in the middle of that mosh pit Friends said it was a hot topic…shouldn’t touch it And they were probably right so give it up and let it go yo! Karma, from their seeds their own fruit will grow Probably drama So just let it go we all know that scenario So let it go yo! So let it go yo! So let it go we all know that scenario So let it go yo! So let it go yo! So let it go, we all know that scenario... [HOOK X4] Sometimes you gotta just X3 Learn to let go [NAY] Planet earth is the pitch you'll never win on Walking with the lord in these journeys that I been on With X-Ray vision, you can see the Incision Printed in my heart, I took a sharp knife from the kitchen I'm close to heaven but my respirator still on Family are struggling at making a decision Yeah I know that you love me cus every day you let me know Now someway and somehow, you gotta let me go Just like a helium balloon in the air All words from a hater and the rumours they share Truth is I don't truthfully care Fuck being worried bout some leaves falling from trees that are soon to be bare It’s life and I refuse to lose sleep for that I lost a little stack, I ain't stressing Ima make it back yo While enjoying the ride like it’s a merry go Shout to Faux Sala pull the chorus back and let it go [HOOK X4] Sometimes you gotta just X3 Learn to let go


'Nottingham is a small city in the East Midlands ‘region’ of the UK and Local Healers, Louis Cypher and myself call it home. Claimed by neither the North nor South by a small country that regards this as important, those of us from here feel Northern. Cities with more cultural fame than us like Sheffield are as close as siblings in distance but somehow, Nottingham (or Notts) has generally got a swerve until very recently from the London-centric media gatekeepers. Due to this (alongside the high levels of deprivation, low(ish) rent and the historical self-image as a ‘rebel’ city) there has always been a thriving self-reliance about the city’s artists with a distinctly collaborative vein throughout and across the artistic disciplines. Metal-heads work with grime MCs, poets work with graffiti artists, everybody knows everyone or so it seems. City-wide, multi-venue festivals have become a regular occurrence and have fed heat and flavour into the creative broth but like all sectors in society right now, there are massive external pressures. The relentless Covid crisis, a Tory government who would love nothing more than to silence the progressive voices of change and an economic downturn of predictable pain has placed a burden on young people not seen in generations. This is where ‘Paintings On The Wall’ intersects.

“What happens when there’s no paintings on the wall?”
Local Healers comprise Ty Healy and Nay Loco and their ‘local’ rise has been equally unstoppable and intriguing with their mix of lyrical freshness, raw energy, visual identity and just plain graft. They don’t stop. Releases and collaborations, podcasts, videos, that classic hip hop cliche of hustle, but hustle you must. The quadruple threat of talent, vision, copious production and self-promotion are the mainstays of success in the game. For their third release, they’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine, Louis Cypher, a veteran of the city’s always fire MC scene, an OG member of 1st Blood, promoter and gravelly-voiced man about town. Together the lads decided to create a record under lockdown with an aim to reconnect senses, question their situation and just make some art.

“At the beginning of 2020, as we all collectively witnessed significant changes and traumas in our lives, the idea of being creative or making music any time soon, seemed like a distant dream to me. However, this project has proven just how valid art truly is. For its catharsis, its beauty and its ability to bring people together when that is what we needed the most.” - Louis Cypher

Left quietly in the background, the seven-track EP’s blend of 90bpm dope beats, warmly slick jazz samples and the unhurried flows of our heroes echo the mellower end of the 90s ‘golden age’ of ATCQ, The Pharcyde, De La Soul etc but delve in deeper and there’s something else happening. An uncompromisingly honest look at themselves, their people and the powers that be make this a historical note in this strange and demanding time we are all living through. The opening track and first single ‘Renaissance’ contains the EP title and is a love-letter to the Arts and in particular exploration of the creative and financial struggles, self-worth and daily doubts of those within this world delivered with a playful lightness of touch over Belgian producer Faux Sala’s guitar-sampled boom-bap beatscape.

‘Neva Left’ is a self-hyping call to arms, readying and steadying themselves to return to the live arena, rage against the tide of doom. ‘Pavement Cracks’ keeps up the theme of trying to stay positive and yearning for peace despite your vices “Two steps forward and one step back, stepping over dreams in the pavement cracks, searching for the answer in the bottom of the bottle, when you can’t find it, who’s to blame for that?”.

“Water For Flowers” is a candid and nostalgic look at self-growth (or not) and moving on over a lovely piano-looped groove, pure sunshine inner work going on. The three MCs voices and flows combining to great effect, their homegrown accents and tonal variations adding textures amongst the cerebral poetry. The bars on “Anti-Gravity Suit” rip and trip over the comparisons between escape and reality, a brief but bumping interstellar dream. “Guru” returns to the artist theme, lyrical plays around childhood memories and more dope-fuelled flashes of thought, somehow managing to name-drop Thomas the Tank Engine, Gang Starr, Hendrix, Carhart, Jean-Paul Sartre and The Daily Mail’s Paul Dacre!

The final track “Let Go” looks calmly and unflinchingly at racism in the UK, toxic friends, God, mental health and the uselessness of keeping the pain in over the most melancholic of jazzy guitar and beats. It’s a fine closer on a fine EP, everyone involved should be proud.

Released on Nott's label I’m Not From London’s hip hop sister label I’m Not From Brooklyn Records, ‘Paintings On The Wall’ is a worthy addition to any hip hop heads collection. This is local music for global people’.

- Justin Turford aka Ex Friendly - Truth & Lies


Local Healers know the struggle of being an artist in pandemic-era Britain. They know about being ignored and pushed back, as the heart of the creative community gets slowly drained, a steady decline brought on by financial collapse, venue closures and cuts. Bringing a brand of lyrical consciousness that’s candid and cerebral, the Nottingham duo are joined in the studio by local legend Louis Cypher and Antwerp-based beatsmith Faux Sala. Together they combined forces to create Paintings On The Wall – an EP of chilled musical vibes, contrasting the raw lyrical themes contained within.

Renaissance has the classic golden era sheen that most of you reading this will have grown up with. It’s the lead single, and the best song on the EP. The downbeat tempo, the muffled guitar loop, the four-sentence group chorus. These are all key elements of what Local Healers are about – old school, relaxed moods. But they aren’t here purely for nostalgia. On Renaissance, they describe art as a dying form, one that needs to be kept alive at all costs. They take turns to jump in and out of the spotlight, delivering a couple of lines at a time and repeatedly ask “What’s it worth – auctioning your soul?” Renaissance is triumphant and proud. It’s about protecting something beautiful, before it goes away forever.

Paintings On The Wall carries on in much the same way. Pavement Cracks is reflective, not necessarily decrying the partying after-hours side of being a musician, but not saying it’s all that great either. With lines about drinking too much and having people over until 6am, Pavement Cracks describes the ambivalence and vague futility of day-to-day life when you can’t make plans past next month. It’s got a small hours jazz feel, like the first tune you put on after getting home from a big night. The boys are more than comfortable on tracks like this, with acres of space afforded to them by the economic musical backing.

A key theme on Paintings On The Wall is of self-love, and healing through growth. This is explicit on Water For Flowers. It’s a mature, self-aware set of verses that promotes healthy living, learning through experience, and cultivating good relationships with the people that matter most. The boys talk of their own life lessons, and offer advice on self care. It’s easily one of the highlights of the EP. The last few lines of the 2nd verse are particularly sweet – “I recommend – Buy some plants, put them on your shelves; every time you water them, you look after yourself. It takes time and effort, sunshine for better days, open up flowerbud, you’ll be amazed.”

Paintings On The Wall is lifted by Faux Sala’s consistently crafted beats. Each song has an unpretentious simplicity which never smothers the vocals. This means all three rappers on this project get generous airtime, and are prominent when they speak their truth. Aided by crisp, uncluttered production, this element of the sound on Paintings On The Wall cannot be understated – it’s what sets this EP apart from the sea of average rap records out there.

Ending with the super-easy Let Go, a melancholic song about moving on from tough times, Paintings On The Wall comes in for a smooth landing after half an hour of heady hip-hop purity. The music industry in the UK has taken a lot of heavy blows recently, and while Local Healers are bringing attention to that, they do it in an understated way. There’s more to life than the grey future laid out in front of us. Paintings On The Wall is a statement about how desperate and awful an existence without art would be. But it’s also a wholesome piece of work which, rather than angrily lashing out at the situation, offers gentle comfort. That’s something we all need a bit of in this day and age. The EP is out now on I’m Not From Brooklyn Records and available to buy on Bandcamp.

- Adam Davidson - Hard Of Hearing


"The chemistry between Nay Loco & Ty Healy is already well documented as the duo now release their 3rd project together but when you add Mr Cypher Sore Eyes himself, Louis Cypher into the mix you get a whole other dimension added to the project, his style compliments the duo's so well and is a more than welcome addition. The EP is really enjoyable and each Emcee has bars for days, it's thought provoking, it's fun, it's a banger for sure.

This is 100% a work of Art, from the Heart.

Make sure you check it out...Notts in the building!"
- One9Ate7/


'The third release from Local Healers sees Nay Loco and Ty Healy team up with Louis Cypher and producer Faux Sala in a united front to support the arts sector – specifically the localised scenes. The full EP comes out in January, but first single Renaissance offers a taste of what’s to come in December; a multi-layered, warm, melodic EP, using jazz instrumentals that hark back to the creatives the work aims to big up, with clear-crafted lyrical flows to make their point clearly.'
- Eileen Pegg / Leftlion Magazine


'In their latest EP The Paintings on the Wall, Nottingham boys Local Healers and fellow Notts veteran Louis Cypher team up to remind us all of just how important the arts are in tough times. Commenting on the lack of Government funding and outrage in light of the ‘Rethink, Reskill, Reboot’ campaign, the collection of tracks reinforce the value of the arts industry, a community which the Government has essentially turned its back on.

Despite the EP positioning itself as a bright celebration of the arts with its jazz-infused lo-fi instrumentals provided by Belgian producer Faux Sala, the boys aim to evoke a deeper sense of introspection on the importance of art in a society where everything else seems restricted. The opening track ‘Renaissance,’ released as a single on December 4th, poses the question “what happens when there’s no paintings on the wall?”

Through the homage to the title of the EP, the boys ask us to consider the importance of the arts and culture in our society. Indeed, the metaphor for the wider reflection of the arts on society speaks to the majority who have found respite in artistry at some point during this year – the track reminds listeners of the potency of creative expression, now more than ever. As Loco, one half of Local Healers put it, the track “explores the current and possible future struggles for all kinds or artists.”

The EP has an extra focus on mental health, exploring the idea of the daunting nature of many of the rules and regulations we have been subject to in 2020. ‘Water for Flowers’ promotes the deliberation of growth through its references to photosynthesis and moving on from past relationships. The tune highlights the retrospective outlook on individual progression, an acknowledgement of the “collective significant changes and traumas in our lives” Cypher recognises over the past year.

Local Healer’s raw 90’s Hip-Hop style and high energy, teamed with Cypher’s lyrical prowess creates a perfect canvas for the fanatic positive premonition in ‘Neva Left.’ The repeated chant, “Ayo I’m back up in this bitch like I never left!” serves as a reminder of good things to come, a prelude to when we can finally get back to revelling in the music scene in the flesh.

With Cypher’s long-standing history on the Notts hip-hop scene, and Local Healers having endlessly performed throughout 2019, it’s without a doubt that this collab will refuse to be stifled by the tough current climate for those in the arts. The Paintings On The Wall EP will be released on January 29th 2021, and if you can’t wait till then, you can stream the single ‘Renaissance’ from producer Faux Sala’s YouTube here. '
- Darcy Nathan/ Tits Upon Tyne

'From Dublin to Manchester, from Liverpool to Brum, hip-hop heads long and far are looking to see what the rest of the British isles have been cooking up in the kitchen after the spotlight being relentlessly and almost exclusively pointed at the capital.

As it so often happens in this city, local artists quickly become home-grown celebrities and these guys probably can’t walk through Market Square without being stopped at least twice.
For some, that may be enough but I really hope that these guys use their latest project to trampoline bounce their way into national or — heck — international fame.

On the surface, this record is pleasing to the ears and could easily be listened to in its entirety at your family pic-nic in the park. Antwerp-based producer Faux Sala has come through with an irresistibly smooth blend of classic golden-age jazz-rap sounds and those ‘Lo-fi music to study to’ videos on YouTube.

Skipping along this Nujab-esque cloud of sunshine lies the poignant message of Paintings on the Wall. Directly relevant to 2020 and all of its fuckeries, this project has the government’s pandemic performance in its sights and, dare I say, shots have been fired!

There’s no pretension here, just love and realness. That’s all we need.
- Liam Macgregor/ Big Mac Reviews


“This project is dedicated to creatives everywhere to let them know that even when the powers that be want us to pack it up, we should keep adding colour to this grey looking world. Each song is its own mural the more you take in, the more you take away from it.”
- Ty Healy


More than anything, it’s a tribute to the Arts and to those who pursue them. A tribute to those who have been shafted by Johnson & Co. after, let’s face it, being exploited and paid minimally for a tremendous outpouring of work. These people continue to live, breathe and eat music at all costs because it is what they love, it’s their life and Cypher and the Healers want these livelihoods to be acknowledged.
“Paintings On The Wall’ Came about after thinking about each individual track as a work of art, within that we explore the current and possible future struggles for all kinds or artists.”
- Nay Loco


It’s a heart-warming hug being extended to all creators out there who are being confronted with an existential threat to their vocation and livelihood by the current pandemic and the Conservative government’s handling of it. Art is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle that, for so many, makes life worth living. That’s not to be taken lightly.
“At the beginning of 2020, as we all collectively witnessed significant changes and traumas in our lives, the idea of being creative or making music any time soon, seemed like a distant dream to me. However, this project has proven just how valid art truly is. For its catharsis, its beauty and its ability to bring people together when that is what we needed the most.”
- Louis Cypher


released January 29, 2021

Written & Recorded by.
Ty Healy
Nay Loco
Louis Cypher

Mixed by:
Nay Loco

Mastered by.
Pete 1st Blood

Artwork by.
Jack Wolff

Released through:

I'm Not From Brooklyn Records


all rights reserved



I'm Not From London Records Nottingham, UK

"With more tentacles than a multi limbed mutant octopus, I’m Not From London are a record label, a film making outfit, an events promotion organisation and much, much, much, much more…"
- Stephen Murphy - Artrocker

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